How to use slideZing

Once you have an active slideZing account, you can use your custom cell phone number during your next presentation to:

This guide shows you how easy it is to get going and provide a unique way to improve your audience engagement during your next talk.

Slide Upload

Create your presentation using your favorite tool like PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote or any tool that exports to PDF.

Slide Upload

Log into your slideZing account. Create your talk information and upload your pdf.

slide convert

slideZing will convert your slides to high quality images that can be texted to your audience upon request.

slide convert

During your presentation, share your slideZing cell number with your audience. Encourage them to text "HELLO" to your number to get the simple instructions for using slideZing.

Continue presenting like you normally would and let slideZing collect comments and send images

send a slide

Your audience can can text "SLIDE 1" to the phone number. slideZing will send the high quality image of slide #1 to their phone. There is no need for them to try to take a poor quality picture of your slides.

collect feedback

The audience can also send questions or comments to slideZing. Use this to solicit and answer audience questions.

slide convert

Review the feedback during or after your presentation. Use the information to answer audience questions or improve your next presentation. All comments are saved on your slideZing site. You are in control to share as much or as little of the feedback.

landing page

When your presentation is done, you can share your presentation via twitter and other media channels. Here is an example view.