Why did I create slideZing?

An annoying issue that launched a business

Welcome to slideZing.

I hope slideZing is a helpful tool to improve your audience engagement during your next big presentation.

I had the inspiration for slideZing while sitting in a large presentation. My mind drifted a bit and started looking at all the people using their phones to take pictures of slides.

I had a couple of observations:

  • It is distracting to be behind someone that is a habitually taking slide pics.
  • The quality of slide pics were generally poor.
  • As a presenter it can be a bit distracting to look out into an audience of cell phone picture takers.

I thought, there has got to be a better way to share slides.

Fry meme
Sarcastic eye roll

Another annoying issue

I don't want you to think I am a negative person but I did notice another issue that really bothered me - question and answer time during a presentation.

I think it is really important to interact with the audience but the process is not optimal. Does any of this sound familiar to you during your last big presentation:

  • Microphones that don't work. Is this on?
  • People yelling instead of using a microphone
  • People asking questions to demonstrate their own intelligence
  • Questions that never get to the point
  • Questions that are not relevant to the broader audience

On a more positive note

In addition to these challenges, I always struggle with determining which parts of my presentation really resonate with the audience. I wanted a better tool that would give me analytics about my content. Does the audience like it? Does the content meet their needs? What can I do better?

I thought my ideal solution should be:

  • Very simple to use - people do not want to jump through hoops
  • Work on any mobile phone
  • Give the presenter control of what they share
  • Easy to get input from the audience
  • Easy to share high quality images of slides - no more pics

Then I realized, that text messages would support this vision

If I had a custom sms-enabled phone number, then anyone could send a request for a slide image or send me feedback.

By displaying feedback in a website, I could determine what types of questions that audience has and answer the most common questions.

I could also track the comments and slide requests over time and figure out how to improve

Thus, slideZing was born. I am really excited about it and look forward to seeing how you use it for your own presentations. Please Contact Us to learn more.

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