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Differentiate your next big presentation and engage your audience with slideZing

Upload Your Slides

Prepare your slides and upload a PDF version. We will convert them to high quality images and send you your own mobile number.

Share your new number

Share your unique phone number with your audience. They will use it to request pictures of your slides and give you feedback on your presentation.

Review the feedback

During your presentation, the audience can request copies of slides and send feedback to you - all through texts. You can use this real time feedback in your presentation or refer to it later.

Try it out now by texting HELLO to 651-376-3033

Uniquely interact with your audience

You have spent hours preparing for your presentation. Don't get lost in the crowd when it is your time to present. Use slideZing to engage with you audience and create a more meaningful experience for them:

  • Spark interest with your personalized phone number
  • Easy to use process encourages feedback
    • No apps needed
    • Works on any phone that can send texts
  • Incorporate real time feedback in your talk
  • During the presentation share high quality images of your slides
  • After the presentation, share your landing page

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